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So far I've used it once. This helmet is super comfortable and lightweight. I really dig that the helmet is size adjustable. The air vent works well too. The other attraction to me is the visor. Style and function... you nailed it!


Great modern look. I've never used bike helmets before, but I like this one comfy and functional. Lightweight and comfortable, pads soften the contact of the helmet with the head. Excellent ventilation. Easily adjusts to head size. 


I’m extremely happy with my helmet. Great coloring. Good fit. The straps are great. The way it secures in the back feels comfortable. My friends have all complimented me. The way it secures to the bike is so convenient. Hopefully I won’t ever have to test how well it protects.


Cool helmet, there are many layers of protection inside. Soft landing on the head. I hope it works well over time. The Baabali helmet is trustworthy, I have recommended it to my friends many times.


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