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A helmet with multiple functions




Chi Fancy |

E-scooters are one of today’s most popular forms of micro-mobility. In many countries, scooters are all over the place and more commuters are choosing electric scooters to get them to work, class, or the store. They’re good for the environment, faster than walking or traditional biking, and highly portable. Bike helmets aren't just for bikes anymore. If you’re one of the many folks who enjoy zipping across the city on an electric scooter — or you’re thinking about becoming one of those folks — keep reading.

The right helmet can help protect you from serious impacts while you’re cruising at high speeds in and around traffic or among crowded pedestrian areas. At Baabali, we’re all about helmet safety and that’s why we put together this ultimate guide completely focused on helmets for electric scooters.   

What to look for when choosing a helmet for an electric scooter?

1. Light and comfortable

Many riders prefer lightweight helmets, especially since they are often carried in or attached to a bag when not wearing them. Seriously, there’s nothing more annoying than lugging around a heavy, clumsy helmet.  BAABALI SPARTAN HELMET is made from a single piece with no plugs or corners that could compromise the integrity of the helmet. The design makes the whole helmet remarkably light, weighing no more than 300g, ensuring it is comfortable to wear.

2. Airflow

Cycling helmets often feature more vents than others, so they’re more aerodynamic. A minimum of 5-7 vents will offer the right amount of sweat saver functionality for most riders. Because no one wants to show up to the party all sweaty. BAABALI SPARTAN HELMET has an advanced channeling ventilation system. Stay cool thanks to the many air vents placed in the key parts of the helmet. The extra heat from your head is quickly dissipated, making you feel fresh at all times. Enhanced moisture-wicking and the quick-drying interior is easy to keep fresh thanks to the removable and washable lining. The adjustable size dial makes it possible to fit the helmet with extra lining depending on the season and conditions.

3. Safety

Currently, there is no specific standard for electric scooter helmets, so a bicycle helmet is going to be your best bet for e-scooters. Some helmets, including the Baabali, are dual certified. In particular, an ASTM certification means the helmet passed rigorous requirements to be worn while skateboarding. Other certifications, including EC 22.05, mean the helmet underwent additional safety testing and can help to protect your brain from high-impact crashes. Baabali helmets are not only certified and comply with European CE and the United States CPSC safety standards but are also certified and tested for ASTM standards for cycling, roller skating, and skateboarding.

4. Warranty

Some helmet brands offer warranties on their products. Always check the product description or the footer of a website online for warranty information before purchasing a helmet. If you’re shopping in a store, you’ll want to ask the sales rep. The Baabali helmet provides customers with a warranty period of up to 18 months.


The rise in electric scooter popularity shows no signs of stopping. The fun factor is real. Plus, scooters get you around town faster and are an eco-friendly transportation option. Baabali helmets are going to offer the safety and protection you need while riding an e-scooter.

Pick the best electric scooter helmets.