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A helmet with multiple functions



Baabali believes that climate change is real and it's coming for every one of us. If we take the exploitation of the environment for granted, then extinction is going to be the fate of every country in the world.

Therefore, Baabali has positioned itself as a complement to green transportation. Specifically, we are committed to serving the cycling community. It is our belief to realize the green vision and bring more people to the community by making cycling a much safer and convenient experience. This is where our product line jumps in. Baabali's MIPS series significantly improves the head protection of cyclists. By pressing a few buttons, it is easy to manipulate SMART helmets for a variety of circumstances. In case both functions are needed, Baabali has integrated those technologies and designs into our star helmets-the PLUS series. And we are still not satisfied. The strategic planning department of Baabali has made a promise to the whole company and investors that helmets with new technologies and features will be launched every year.

For the cycling community, families and friends, and inspiration to realize the green vision, we don't stop as we will never stop innovating and integrating new technologies into the helmet. After all, Europe is a land of dreams and opportunities, and Baabali happens to be a big dreamer.