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2022 helmet buying guide

2022 helmet buying guide

Zhan Peng |

Statistics show that motorcycles, electric vehicles, and cars are responsible for the largest number of deaths in traffic accidents. About 80% of the deaths of motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers are caused by head injury. Relevant studies have shown that wearing safety helmets correctly can reduce the risk of death in traffic accidents by 60% to 70%. Only 10% of the wounded wearing a helmet required surgery, while 90% of the wounded without a helmet required surgery. Under normal circumstances, the wounded wearing helmets are basically scalp injuries, the most serious is skull fractures, the wounded without helmets, the lightest is the concussion caused by skull fractures, and the serious ones even lost their lives!

The function of the helmet

Wearing a helmet can not only protect the head, but also make the head large enough to reduce the impact on the eyes when riding at high speed.

While reducing traffic fatalities, it is also a necessary move for safe riding. Therefore, the state stipulates that motorcycles must wear safety helmets.

What are the factors that determine the safety of helmets?

Helmet type

Full helmet: The full helmet means that only the lens can be opened and closed after being put on. The safety factor is the highest. The cushioning material in the helmet can protect all parts of the head and better

Half helmet: The safety factor is the lowest. After all, it only protects three-quarters of the head. It is more convenient to wear and you can directly wear the helmet to communicate.

Uncovered helmet: It is equivalent to a deformation of a full helmet. Most of them are double-sided steel helmets. They are suitable for cycling trips or commuting in urban areas. They can be directly drinkable with steel helmets.

Cross-country helmet: exposed brim, can block the sun when jumping, leave a large space in the mouth, can effectively protect the mouth and chin, and open the eyes.


ABS plastic is a terpolymer of three monomers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene.

FRP: FRP generally refers to glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. Use FRP or FRP products

Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber refers to an inorganic high-performance fiber with a carbon content of more than 90%. It has the essential characteristics of carbon materials and can be used for soft textile fibers. It has the advantages of light weight, impact resistance, high safety factor, and high price.


European series: Because Europeans have larger heads, which are slender. European helmets are more famous for their agv. The problem is that they are too small to buy.

Sub-series: According to the Asian helmet design, you can buy it normally. Well-known sub-series brands include SHOEI, ARAI, etc.,


It depends on how much money you have in your pocket. Good brands are more expensive. The better ones are the AGV, SHOEI, ARAI,Baabali, etc. mentioned above. You can often see them in motorcycle and bicycle races, as well as HJC. Marushin can also see that they are acquired as a domestic brand, and are loved by many people with their unique two-corner advantages.

Inspection Level

DOT: U.S. Transportation Industry Certification

ECE: European Union Agency Certification

3C: This is our national standard

Sharp test, full-angle crash test, until the helmet is played, I also did a test of the helmet under the car, divided into five stars, the more stars, the better, the more expensive.

There are also some antique helmets that have not been mentioned. I personally think that carbon fiber full helmets are better, suitable for entertainment, more in line with the public's aesthetics, light weight, and high safety factor.

Instructions for the use of helmets

Size selection: Choose a helmet that is about 2cm larger than your head circumference and try it on yourself, not too big or too small.

How to wear: When wearing a safety helmet, the helmet is parallel to the head, the edge of the helmet should be about 1 cm above the eyebrows, and there should be a two-finger-wide space on the lower part of the head. After wearing the helmet, do not shake it from side to side.

Helmets also have an expiration date: each helmet has its useful life, generally around 2 to 3 years. The helmet materials used in the production process, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber or ABS, will be worn out, damaged or cracked over time, and their protective performance will be greatly reduced.

The helmet will fail: if it receives an impact, the safety helmet cannot continue to be used, even if its shell does not change its shape.