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What is the difference between an ordinary helmet and a top helmet?

What is the difference between an ordinary helmet and a top helmet?

Zhan Peng |

How much is the right helmet to buy? Baabali, MT, Box and other brands of cycle helmets only need 50 pounds to be able to buy, and spend 200 pounds, 400 pounds, or even 700 pounds to buy a Arai, Shoei, Schuberth these expensive helmets really worth it?

When you go to the equipment store to pick a helmet, you will not find, why some helmets are more expensive than others? At this time, you will ask yourself, so what should the best helmet be like? So today we will Baabali helmet and an ordinary helmet  to see, so you can clearly see, cheap helmets and expensive helmets in which the difference?

Baabali's shell is made of super light PC,cool max interior and equip with MIPS but Arai composite resin which comply with the EU's ECE 22.05 safety standard.

What is the best material for bicycle helmets?

As we can see, the two helmets one is super light PC, one is composite fiber and resin. Of course, this can not simply mean that the composite fiber and resin material must be better than the PC materials, depending on, how well they do. Plastic helmets are often the cheaper on the market, but does not mean that plastic is safer than composite fiber material, however, Baabali helmet equips with MIPS technology  which greatly reduces the shock damage to the brain caused by external forces during a collision. By positioning a low friction layer between the head and the helmet, they can reduce the rotational force by up to 50% and reduce the chance of concussion by 50%. Therefore Baabali helmet is a better choice with higher cost-effectiveness.