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How to maintain the child's bicycle helmet?

How to maintain the child's bicycle helmet?

Zhan Peng |

Want to maintain the protective performance of the helmet for a long time, you need to know a few rules...

Here are some simple tips for storing and caring for your child's bike helmet.

How do you store your child's bike helmet?

Proper storage and care of this safety element will ensure that your bike helmet maintains its cushioning performance for months and years.

To store your child's bicycle helmet, choose.

1 - A place that is protected from temperature, humidity and UV rays of the sun.

Make it a habit to remove the helmet immediately after riding. This will avoid leaving it outside where it can be directly exposed to the sun or rain. Don't store your child's bike helmet in a place that is too susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations, such as a garden shed or the back shelf of a car: "Bike helmets are certified for specified temperatures. Baabali's helmet engineers explain that from -20°C to +50°C. Beyond this temperature range, material quality and cushioning may deteriorate.

2 - A safe and convenient place

A child's bike helmet must be securely fastened to prevent falls. It should be easy to reach, so it doesn't fall out of your hands when you grab it!

How do I care for my child's bike?

A soft sponge and water is enough to clean or wash your child's bike helmet! Do not use detergents or other solvents, they can cause chemical reactions and damage the material of the bike helmet."  - Engineer specified.

After cleaning, let the helmet air dry or dry it with a cloth. And do not place the helmet next to a radiator or any other heat source to speed up drying.

As for the care of the foam, they can be machine washed at 30°C. In most cases, they are simply attached to the helmet shell with Velcro: they are easy to remove! Be careful not to dry the foam of your bike helmet in the dryer, as this can damage it.

Efficient bicycle helmets that meet European and original standards

When buying a bicycle helmet for a child, make sure it complies with the European standard EN 1078. how can you be sure of this? A small label on the inside or back of the helmet indicates this. It's the only real guarantee that your child's bike helmet works!

"That's why you don't have to fiddle with the helmet. This protective element must remain completely original to retain all its characteristics." ... Do not add DVR holders or other items to the surface of your helmet! If dropped, the camera could weaken or puncture the helmet.

"In short, taking care of your helmet is like taking care of your head, this equipment is too important to ignore."

Now you take care of servicing your helmet! All that's left is to set it up properly and know when to change it.