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Smart Helmet: A Must-Have Gadget for Your Cycling Safety

Smart Helmet: A Must-Have Gadget for Your Cycling Safety

Chi Fancy |

Imagine this: Spring is in full swing and the summer is right around the corner! You are enjoying the blooming flowers, singing birds, and light rainfall. Your weekend finally arrives, and you decide to ride your bicycle to release the annoyances in your mind. In front of you, there is also a person riding his bike wearing a fashionable smart helmet. Somehow, since then, you just keep thinking that: go get yourself a smart helmet for the next ride.

It’s an undeniable fact that an increasing number of cycling fans have a great passion for a smart helmet instead of a traditional one.

When it comes to the reason why cycling fans are fond of smart helmets, we summarize three explanations as follows.

A smart helmet can protect their heads from damage

A smart helmet can protect their heads from possible severe damage to a greater extent. Because of the scientific structure and high-end materials of a smart helmet, the external impact force can be dispersed and buffered to avoid our fragile but important head being directly hit.

Baabali Archangel smart helmet fitted with EPS foam which offers great comfort and maximum protection from impacts. Due to the EPS foam’s High Density, the helmet can resist sharp impacts and absorb collision energy by distributing it in the helmet while keeping your head safe.

According to the report of the American Highway Safety Insurance Research, the risk of serious head injuries for people wearing a helmet in crash accidents has been reduced by 85%. Therefore, a robust smart helmet can be the best helper for your safety on your way.

Smart Helmet ensure safe riding not only at night

Daytime running lights have been made compulsory on cars in Europe since 2011, but this is not a legal requirement for cyclists. Many promote the use of lights, as 80 percent of accidents involving a cyclist happens in daylight. It is easy to comprehend that a fast-moving object on the road isn’t the easiest thing to spot, so adding a permanent set of operating lights makes a lot of sense, even during the day.

Baabali Archangel smart helmet with 4 turn signal lights, each with 7 high-intensity beads, can indicate your direction and warn both traffic ahead and behind. The lights are easy to control by a remote that you can attach to your bike. The lights feature a special braking function which makes the lights flash rapidly when the speed drops. With this stylish and smart helmet, you can ride your bike to the fullest.

 The smart helmet can increase the degree of your life safety

It should be noted that, in addition to protecting against head impacts, a smart helmet can also increase the degree of safety of your life. Take ARCHANGEL SMART BIKE HELMET from Baabali as an example. Equipped with advanced built-in mics and speakers, this smart helmet can connect with your phone via Bluetooth. The helmet has built-in stereo speakers on the left and right sides, which can be controlled by a special radio button chin pad, (+\-\M key) to freely adjust the volume. The speakers are built-in and placed close to your ears with a friendly design, while the microphone is hidden in the chin pad and protected from weather and sweat with an IP65 waterproof rating.

The ability to hear turn-by-turn directions without looking at your phone is a significant safety plus as well.

Final thought

The strengths of the smart helmet are beyond your imagination. Next time you ride your bike, hopefully, you can wear your favorite smart helmet. If you don’t know which one is better for you, try ARCHANGEL SMART BIKE HELMET from Baabali.