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What is MIPS and why should you care?

What is MIPS and why should you care?

Aleksi Myllyoja |

What does MIPS stand for?

'Multidirectional Impact Protection System' (aka. MIPS) was designed to protect the brain in the event of an impact of rotational force. Since the invention of MIPS technology, it has been incorporated by many of the world's most respected helmet manufacturers such as Baabali.


Fact check about MIPS HELMETS

  • MIPS is an acronym for Multi-directional Impact Protection System
  • It is a slip plane
  • Slip plane literately means that the helmet is constructed in two layers, designed to slide against one another in case of an impact.
  • The helmet's top layer is the impact-absorbing EPS polystyrene shell common to most bicycle helmets.
  • The second layer is a flexible nylon liner that comfortably hugs your head.
  • In case of a crash happening, the EPS shell of a helmet will absorb linear impact, while the inner one slides up to 5 mm to reduce rotational impact.
  • MIPS technology can then significantly reduce the transfer of energy to the brain to minimize the risk of getting a concussion and other brain injuries.


Lower price MIPS HELMETS - is MIPS worth it?

Given the amount of money and manpower invested into MIPS, it is logical that a standard MIPS is much more expensive than a regular helmet. However, due to the optimization of product line of Baabali factory as well as supply chain management, we have been able to reduce the production cost of MIPS and therefore our MIPS series, compared with others in the helmet industry, come with a cheaper price.



The purpose of having a helmet is to evade the worst brain injury of a bicycle accident. If you hope to maximize your brain protection while still retaining the airy comfort (which a typical tactical military helmet, though offer great protection, lacks), please consider Baabali’s MIPS helmet series.