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A helmet with multiple functions


Three tips when you wanna buy a helmet

Three tips when you wanna buy a helmet

Aleksi Myllyoja |



Statistically speaking, accidents are inevitable when there is a large number of cyclists on the road on a daily basis. While it is true that we need to urge the lawmakers to create more bike lanes in order to develop a “safe space” for the cycling community, for every individual cyclist, it is not rational to take chances and bet on others for your own safety. As a helmet manufacturing brand, Baabali therefore believes that every cyclist needs to wear a helmet. But what helmet should you choose in the market?


As we explain earlier in the blogs, MIPS is the most notable and famous technology in recent years with respect to reducing rotational force in the event of an impact to the head. Though it increases the price, we believe the benefits of wearing a MIPS helmet surpasses the cost of it.




Research shows that helmets are a protective factor in bicycle accidents experienced by children, the elderly and people with balance problems on bicycles at low speeds. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the owner’s manual for your bike helmet, but there is a phrase: “No helmet can protect you against all accidents. Therefore, it would be delusional to expect a few hundred grams of police dash on your head (the raw material of a helmet) to provide 100 percent protection, whether the accident is caused by the impact of a few-tonne car hitting a cyclist, or a cyclist entering the corner a little too fast to hit the wall.


While the protective capability is fundamental for a helmet, prevention shouldn’t be ignored as well. Here we mean it by the LEDs and turning signals that a SMART helmet is equipped and capable of functioning. With the help of LEDs and turning signals which you can manipulate by a remote controller, you can see the road much clear at night while also signal your surrounding, either drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, or some small animals crossing the road in the evening. Here at Baabali, we offer you the newest SMART helmet series.



While protection and prevention are the two most crucial factors used to determine the quality of a helmet, fashion (or meme) shouldn’t be ignored. Here at Baabali, we highly value our “customers’ experience”. Take a look: