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Where did MIPS come from?

Where did MIPS come from?

Aleksi Myllyoja |

What is MIPS? Well, MIPS stands for Multi Directional Impact Protection System. It was founded by five specialists in the biomechanical field in Sweden who have extensive experience with technological and medical expertise in the field of head damage prevention. They studied damage prediction and simulated head and neck damage using big data and experimentation.


Through countless tests, they realized that reducing the impact from a rotational force is the key to improve the survival rate and reduce side effect a cyclist would receive theoretically. A rotational force or fall is for instance, a force over the handlebars, in which you hit an edge or a surface at an oblique angle. The researchers discovered that if they did some tricks to modify the helmet, the helmet can reduce the rotational force.


The integration of those “tricks” are known as the Multi Directional Impact Protection System. More explanations can be founded here: What is MIPS and why should i care?


Now all the notable helmet producers, such as Baabali, has made MIPS series and introduced that to the customers. As a huge fan of MIPS technology, Baabali believes that MIPS will be implemented in all bicycle helmets in the future.